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Does anyone know how to turn this off (image attached)? It's driving me nuts especially when I am using my laptop and the screen size is smaller! This kind of thing should be easy to turn on or off. Thanks!


  • Jim_Harman
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    Click on the little arrow at the top left of the section in your screenshot to collapse the Reminders.

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    @Money2021 - of course you know of the settings that drive that display…
    - Register view….. top right corner Gear —> Reminders to Show in Register —> date range
    - Bills & Income…. any specific Reminder —> EDIT Reminder —> bottom text area - Remind me X days in advance

  • Money2021
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    Thanks for the replies, but I already know about those options. I have some accounts that do not have this section at all at the bottom and I guess I wanted to know how to make all my accounts look that way. I don't need constant reminders popping up every time I go to my register to enter transactions. I even have "don't show reminders" selected and it still doesn't go away.
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    Is the account enabled to download transactions? If so, change your transaction download preferences to enable "Auotomatically add download transactions to account registers".

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