Is there a way to make a parent category for To/From transfer categories?

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I have a Line of Credit (LOC) that I use to cover cash flow issues. I'm constantly transfering from and to the LOC. I have incorporated the trasnfers (To LOC, From LOC) into the budget (both as expense groups so they show up together). As expected, when I borrow from the LOC, the $$ show up in the "From LOC" category, and when I "make a payment", the $$ shoq up in the "To LOC" category (so far, so good). What I really want to see, is the net result of the transfers back and forth (am I breaking even, reducing the amount owed, or going further into debt). In order to do this I have to manually do the math for each month to see how I did.

Is there any way that I can make these two categories sub-categories of a parent category so that the budget does the math?


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    You should be able to get what you want by customizing an Income and Expense by Category report to just include the LOC account. Please post back if you need detailed instructions.

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