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I have several brokerage accounts in quicken. I attempted to create another and link it to a new brokerage, Charles Schwab. After the process, I found that quicken did not “create” a new account but rather “commandeered” a current account and changed the online information from that existing account to the new Schwab account. So now I don’t have a new account AND the OLD account now downloads activity from the wrong brokerage! When I attempt to edit the OLD account details back to the correct brokerage, there does not seem to be a way to change it. Now, I not only don't have a new account but an account I've had is corrupted. Any help on righting this ship?


  • Tom Young
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    Restore the backup you made just before creating the new Account in Quicken. Go through the process again of creating the Account but this time make sure you ADD the Account into Quicken, not LINK the Account to some Account that already exists in Quicken. If you don't have a backup made right before adding the Account get the "most recent" one and work with that.

    Generally you can "unlink" an existing Account from downloading and then connect that Account to a different Financial Institution. You do that by going through the Add Account process with Quicken, selecting the new Financial Institution, and then LINKING the new account at the new Financial Institution to the old Account.

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    Using the 2nd method, outlined in your 2nd paragraph. to "unlink" and connecting to a different Financial institution. I'm asked to type in the quicken "nickname" I'm told that "an account by that nickname already exits." Hence I'm unable to change the financial institution as you outlined.

    My last back up was 1/31/23. Would I have to recreate all the subsequent entries?

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