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New to Mac here. I am trying to reorder my account list in the sidebar. I have been searching for solutions for the last hour or two and have had no luck. Thanks!


  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta

    That's because there is no option to change the order. Accounts are grouped by type and within type, alphabetically. One workaround is to precede your account names with a digit or two to force the alphabetic order to what you want.

    Here's an Idea post that you can vote for:

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  • jacobs
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    Building on what RickO wrote… What I do to keep me from being constantly upset with the inability to order my accounts the way I would prefer is to add a numeric prefix to some of my account names, so I have some — albeit not complete — control over the order. You can't move accounts outside their account group, but you can order them within their account group. So I might have:

    1-Marriott Bonvoy Visa
    2-Hilton Amex
    3-TJX Mastercard


    1-Visa (Marriott)
    2-Amex (Hilton)
    3-Mastercard (TJX)

    Please do take a second to add your vote to the Idea request. This thread has a surpringly small numebr of votes, and more votes might help push it to the developers for consideration.

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  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth Member ✭✭

    I have windows 10 and am able to re-arrange my accounts but there is no option to save the new arrangement. When I close, the only option I get is to cancel my changes changes or stay. What am I missing? This is a new issue for me. I used to be able to rearrange anhd keep the new arrangement.

  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta

    @Elizabeth This thread is in a Quicken Mac section. As a longtime Quicken Mac user, I can't help with Quicken Windows issues. I suggest you create a new topic and be sure to select a Quicken Windows category for it, so the Quicken Windows experts here will see it and be able to advise you.

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