In my Income & Expense report the detailed category numbers don't not add to the grand totals

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The total income and total expense numbers are not the same as when I add up the category amounts listed in an Income & Expense report. I have tried to validate the file being used, but Quicken consistently bogs down and can't finish the process, and after a long time I finally have to just accept the option to close Quicken. What can I do to get correct totals?


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    I'm using Version R48.15 on Windows 10 Home
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    I would narrow down the accounts and date range to see where and when the problem first occurs. Then look for a transaction on that date.

    Back up your data just in case, then delete and re-enter the problem transaction.Hopefully that will fix it.

    Is the validation problem new, or has it been going on for a long time? If you have been validating regularly and the validation problem is new, you could try restoring a recent backup to see if that fixes it.

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  • Wayne Kurtz
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    I'm getting very inconsistent results. I ran a YTD report at the end of Jan, then Feb, then March. One particular category shows up in January, then not February, but then shows up in March. On another occasion a particular category didn't show up, but when I ran the same report again it did show up. It feels futile, because specific entries show up sometimes and then not others. And the missing categories vary from month to month.

    As for the validation issue, I probably haven't tried validating for years. So even the oldest backups I have (about two years old) won't finish the validation process. I also tried deleting temporary files, and that process stalled and would not finish.
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