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Questions on downloading transactions:

1- When downloading, how does Quicken know which transaction to clear (put the little "c" in register)? For example, if I have two debits in credit card account for $25.00 from two different vendors and I have entered only one of them in my Q register, how does Q know which one to pull from my credit card account and add the "c"? I assume it must then be comparing more than just dollar amounts.

2- When I download from my credit card account all columns remain intact as I entered them in the register (Category, Memo, etc..). The only change is the little "c" appears in the CLR column. However, when downloading to my bank checking account, the columns for Check #, Category, and Memo get whipped out. It seems like Q is copying data from the bank account into those columns of the register. This is not going to work for me, especially if the Category column gets whipped out.


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    #1 Quicken uses at least a combination of Date (near) and Amount to do the matching. So buying the same cup of coffee twice in a day can confuse it, but probably won't. By "near" date, I mean that you write and record a check on a given date, but the bank only has the date it was cashed, so the dates are "near".

    #2 The downloads for my checking account include the Check #, and any information I have entered previously is NOT overwritten, so I don't have an explanation for what is happening in your case. I've always thought that the Check # was used as part of the matching if it is appropriate for the account.

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    My bank puts the check number in their description column along with verbiage describing the payee. So, I assume it can't compare it to the Chk# field in Q registers since that is a number only. But the bad part in my experience is whipping out the Category column. As I say in my original post - it doesn't happen to my credit card register.
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