Unable to use a previously used Category and subcategory

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I had setup a subcategory about 14 years ago has been used annually. Went to use it today and is acting like it’s a new category group and tells me I can’t create this. I rang a validate and super validate to no success. Also tried to kill the old one and recreate it….no success.



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    And that Category is? The sub-cat is?

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  • UKR
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    It looks like your Category List has become corrupted.
    You may have categories looking like accounts, named "ACCT_xxxx" (where xxxx is a 3 - 5 digit hexadecimal number) or even "TEMP_xxxx".
    You may also have the same category name listed more than once … which is illegal in a table defined as allowing only unique names.
    See if you can locate and delete these problem entries.

    For more details, please read this discussion in its entirety:

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