For check mailing addresses: Why only 3 lines?

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In check set up, I don't understand why there are only 3 possible lines for a mailing address. It seems years late, but I haven't been able to find the right search terms to find prior posts requesting the potential for 4 lines.

Not that infrequent a need:

Addressee + c/o + street address + City, State, Zip = 4 lines.

Can this be a product improvement request?

Ric Cohn


  • jacobs
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    @RCinNJ I did a little testing with check printing in response to a question two years ago, and found that Standard and Voucher checks will print 4 lines of address, but Wallet checks will only print 3 lines. Are your checks configured to use the Wallet check format?

    I did report this as a bug back then, but apparently nothing was done. You can read the trhead here for more background and information:

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  • RCinNJ
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    Thank you for your reply jacobs! And an appology for assuming just because I couldn't do it it couldn't be done. I was unable to add a 4th line to an existing transaction with 3 lines (or at least I couldn't figure out how to add a line). Your post made me go back and create a new one from scatch and then I was able to enter 4 lines.

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