How can I manually enter or trigger a Placeholder transaction?

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I have an offline investment account, and manually reconciling it. The shares are off, and I'd really like to have Placeholder entries at the end of every year. Somewhow, this account got one at the end of one year, and it was great, because it would show me the variance up to that date, but I can't figure out how it got there. It would adjust as I corrected issues in the account, which was great, and why I'm not interested in using Adjust Balance.

Is it possible to manually enter a Placeholder, or get quicken to enter one, for a manual account?


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    You can manually create a Placeholder by clicking on the Enter Transaction button then selecting Adjust Share Balance. This is different from Update Share balance from the gear menu, which enters an Add or Remove.

    With a Placeholder, you can enter or adust earlier transactions that do not affect the cash balance, such as Add, Remove, or Reinvest. If you try to enter a Bought or Sold Transaction, Quicken automatically adds a Cash balance adustment that prevents the cash balance from changing. You must delete the Placeholder in order to enter an earlier tranaction for that secuirty that will affect the cash balnce.

    I have never seen an explanation of why Quicken prevents the cash balance from changing.

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