How to use existing customization of saved report for new & save both reports

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I'm still using QW2007 and just recently started using reports. Sometimes I want to keep a saved report, but create a new report 'almost' like it, but with a few changes. When I open "customize" for the existing report, it's back to square one and I have to make ALL customize selections again, instead to the few changes.

Why can't I build on the customization that I've already made?


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    Example: Existing Saved Report-A . . . Transactions (or whatever) Report customized to include only AAron's checking, Xerox, and 18 other accounts scattered alphabetically among all 56 accounts and 12 selected of 96 categories.
    Desired New Report-B . . . Account Balances (or whatever) for all accounts not included in Report-A.

    I know that is a ridiculous example, but hopefully, it clarifies my question.
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    Run already customized report A. Make customizations. Save as report B.

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    If what you want to do is to customize and save a report, then open a different report and apply the same customizations, then the answer is no, you can't do that.

    If you want to save a customized report and use that as a template for multiple modified versions of that report, see this recent discussion

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