Enter a cost basis for a stock.

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Bought a stock when it downloaded the quote, price, market price, etc. where all there except for the cost basis when looking at the tab portfolio under investing. All of the cost bases are missing so how do I get to the column to enter cost basis for/each stock.


  • Tom Young
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    On the Portfolio page click Options > Customize current view... then drag Cost Basis over to the Displayed Columns box.

  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    Are you able to edit Cost Basis in a Portfolio View? I am not. The only editable field in the view is Quote/Price.

    The alternative is to visit each Buy or Add transaction and type in the cost.

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    HUH ? - what do you see when you look at the specific Security Detail View screen….

    the Cost Basis …
    is the accummulated amount of all your Buys… for each security -

  • Tom Young
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    @"Rocket J Squirrel"

    (In my best Robert de Niro "Taxi Driver" imitation) "You talkin' to me?"

    If that's correct, then "No." I don't think you ever could, though honestly I've never tried. I've always made "real" transactions (as opposed to "semi-real" entries like quotes) in the Transaction Lists. I interpreted the OP's issue as being that the Cost Basis column wasn't present in Portfolio View.

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