Budget view ALWAYS one year old

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To start, I saw this post:

and tried the suggestions, no change.

Here's my issue, and it is extremely frustrating. Every time I use Quicken on the Mac, and click the "Budgets" tab at the top of the window, it does in fact bring me to the Budget window. But it is ALWAYS exactly 12 months old! If I do it right now, it takes me to April 2022, NOT April 2023.

How can this be fixed? I've tried saving a backup and restoring from it, no change. My data file is located on my computer, not in a cloud storage somewhere.



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    Really stupid questions:
    Is your computer date set to today's date in 2023?
    Are your Mac OS Settings putting the computer into a US Region, using US Date Formats like mm/dd/yyyy, primary language US English?
    Have you ever extended your active budget page into the year 2023? (Just naming it "Budget 2023" doesn't do the trick …)

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    My current budget runs from Sept. 2022 through August 2023. Yes, all my dates are accurate on the computer. When I click on the "Budget" tab, this is what I get. The "Apr 2022" is always exactly 12 months old.

    I can be in Budgets, click the little arrows to go ahead a few months, go up and click "Home" or "Reports" or anything else, immediately click back to "Budgets" and boom, it's again stuck at 12 months ago.
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    Wasn't there something about supporting (or not) Fiscal Years in Quicken Mac?

    Where are the Q Mac expert users when one really needs them?

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