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I received an even number of shares in a stock dividend. The fraction of a share was paid as cash in lieu. When I try to enter the data, quicken treats it like a stock split, which results in a fractional share being created. This method also screws up my basis. Is there a way I can enter the actual, even number of shares I received? I have the share price after the dividend took effect, if that is needed.


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    You might need to elaborate on the real world characteristics of this stock dividend. Perhaps identify the security. In many cases it is essentially a stock split.

    Beyond that, it is likely the correct action to generate the fractional share (via StckSplt or similar actions) and then sell the fractional share for the cash in lieu amount to get to the correct integer number of shares.

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    "When I try to enter the data, quicken treats it like a stock split"

    Please state explicity what that "try to enter the data" statement means. It appears you made some sort of manual entry, so what entry or entries did you make, what was/were the Actions used?

    "Dividends in kind" can sometime be taxable and sometimes not, so knowing exactly what company issued this dividend in kind is important when trying to determine what transactions get entered in Quicken. If the dividend is taxable then the general route to take is to record the dividend in cash for all the stock you should have received (including the fraction) and then using that "cash" to buy all the shares. Then selling the fraction. If the dividend in kind is non-taxable then entries more along the lines of a stock split would usually be used.

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