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The reports used to print with color blocks, making them easier to read. I've spent a lot of time trying to make that happen but I gather that Quicken for Mac no longer has that option. I'm just writing to complain. The reports look unfinished I think.


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    Just to clarify a bit, could you go to Reports > Other Reports > Category Summary. This report shows two shades of light blue bars, darker for main categories and very light for sub-categories. Is this what you're referring to?

    Some quick history: This is the "old reports engine" which was developed for the Quicken Essentials program released in 2010. The code from that prdecessor program was used as the foundation for the modern Quicken Mac released in 2014. But that reports engine was very limited, so the developers created a "new reports engine" in 2017 to power almost all the reports which are now used in Quicken Mac. (A few of the old ones still exist in the Other Reports section as the developers insure that users with old reports can be smoothly migrated to the newer equivalents.)

    And yes, the reports from the "new" reports engine used for the past 6 years do not include the blue color bands. I remember that some people complained about the color bands wasting a lot of blue ink unnecessarily. As for what looks better aesthetically, it's subjective; you find reports look unfinished, and I prefer the cleaner look of the reports now versus the old ones. It might be good if there was some option users could turn on or off to aid with readability.

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