How can I delete or deactivate a linked account. I have an IRA account and a IRA-Cash account.


How to delete or deactivate an account


  • Tom Young
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    I assume what you're referring to here is that when you set up the IRA Account you told Quicken that Account had a linked checking Account?

    You should be able to undo this by opening Account Details and on the General tab ticking "No" next to "Show cash in a checking account."

  • Scooterlam
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    You have a linked cash account in an IRA? Hmm. For this account, in Account Details, what is the Account Type? See image 1 below for a setup example from a normal brokerage account. Is the Account Type an IRA or something else? In the current version of Quicken, an IRA account type does not have the option of showing cash in a linked or checking account, which is why I asked.

    Did you happend to setup your IRA as a "brokerage" and show it as "tax deferred" perhaps? A brokerage does allow you to setup a linked account.

    If your Account Type is a brokerage and Tax Deferred is marked as Yes, then you can covert the account to a proper IRA by following the below instructions from Quicken HELP. Doing this will covert the account type to an IRA, remove, the linked checking account and transfer any cash into the IRA account. I have not personally done this process, so I do not know how any transactions made in your linked account (like transfers to a spending account) are handled. Perhaps another member can provide some insight..

    But FIRST, I highly recommend that you make a backup before any changes are made to the account type so that you may revert to the current state if there is a problem with the converted account.

    Does this help? Please comeback with feedback and more details if this is not the case!

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