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Finally thinking about upgrading to the subsription version, as I need to upgrade to 64 bit operating system. Will be using Monterey (latest system my desktop supports). How do you convert the 2007 file to the subscription version using this operating system? The web site simply states you can't to it on Catalina.



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    Catalina is still supported by the current release of Quicken. This is from the version 7.0 release notes from just last week:

    System requirements


     - Quicken v7.0 requires macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or higher

    There was a glitch a month or so ago where some Catalina users weren't able to convert file, but that was resolved pretty quickly.

    But if you're going to upgrade to Monterey, support for Catalina is moot. Why are you inquiring about Catalina if you plan to update your Mac to Monterey? I'm wondering if there's something I'm not understanding.

    Upgrading your Quicken data file(s) should be as simple as launching the current Quicken Mac and on the "Let's Get Started" page, select that you want to start from a Quicken 2007 data file. You will need to review all your accounts to see if everything looks okay, create new reports, and work your way up the learning curve of a new user interface and different ways of doing some familiar things.

    Before you upgrade your macOS, while you're still able to run Quicken 2007, I recommend you rebuild the file indexes (Command-Option-B); that sometimes prevents problems in the data conversion if there is some data corruption in your old file. (Make a backup before you do this, just in case something goes awry.)

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