Track spot price of gold & silver precious metals automatically in QMac

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Many people own precious metals and having an asset account type (because precious metals are physical assets) that automatically tracks the spot price of precious metals and reports an up to date overall value at all times would be very helpful.

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  • MikeS 18
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    Yes! I wish more people would speak up about this. Doesn't seem that it should be that hard - just a matter of priorities for Quicken development. All other proxies for spot price don't track accurately. Please upvote!
  • tderosa
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    I find it puzzling that Quicken has not yet provided this feature. In Yahoo!, I can get spot prices by using symbols "GC=F" for Gold and "SI=F" for Silver. If Yahoo! can do this, I would think Quicken could do something similar.

  • KLB85
    KLB85 Member

    Yes, tracking precious metals spot prices should be added to Quicken. My question is for Quicken, is this being looked at or considered?

    If yes when?

    If no why not?

  • Jon
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    @KLB85 If the status in the top post in this thread changes from "Active" to "Under Consideration" then you'll know they're thinking about it, and if it changes to "Planned" then you'll know they're going to do it at some point, but they won't say when. (And if it changes to "Not Planned" then they've decided to not do it.) That's the only answer you'll get to those questions.

    A feature request that only has 6 votes is unlikely to get acted on in any way.

  • Gman34798
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    Is this service enabled in Q Mac? I'm running Version 7.5.2 (Build 705.51955.100) on macOS 13.6.3. I can enter ^XAGUSD but nothing appears to update.

  • schwane
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    Still need this enhancement to be added to the Mac version. Not added as of 4/21/2024.

  • Sharpie24
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    Yep, this is odd that there's not just a general way to get the spot price of heavy metals. Here's another vote for this functionality.

  • kennychan
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    +1 please add to MacOS Quicken