How to create a new report with bar chart?

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I would like to see at a high level Spending Summary in a bar chart just like how it shows in the Home Screen but be able to drill down. Is it possible?



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    If you click on the bars on the Income & Expense card on the Dashboard, it opens an Income & Expense details report for that time period. If you click on a line in that report, it will pop open the item in context in its register. Is that not what you are asking for?

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    There is no charting/graphing available in Quicken Mac reports.

    This is an often-requested feature, and if you look at this Idea thread, you will see that the developers recently changed the status from "Under Consideration" to "Planned". As with all future plans, we don't know what it will loook like when released, nor when it will be released. But at least we know it's scheduled on their development roadmap.

    Currently, if you want a graph/chart of any report data, you'll need to export the report to a CSV file, open it in the spreadsheet of your choice (Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets), and generate a graph in the spreadsheet program.

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