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In my tax schedule, under W-2 > Salary or wages, self I have "Company 1" 4 times. When I expand each, I can see that the reason they're separate is because the category on each section is different.

I would like to see improved sub-categorizing:
- Salary or wages, self
-- Company 1 (this should also subtotal the amounts for each of the below)
--- Paycheck:Taxable:Salary
--- Paycheck:Taxable:Bonus
--- Paycheck:Taxable:Award
-- Company 2
--- Paycheck:Taxable:Salary
--- Paycheck:Taxable:Bonus

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    @prbsparx Hmmm, I'm sorry, but I disagree. Why would a tax report subtotal by company/W-2? The purpose of any tax report is for tax filing, so why wouldn't the report by subtotalled by tax category? If it sub-totalled by company, you'd need to manually add numbers from each company for each category for your taxes.

    If you want a report on each company/W-2, you can create a Category report for just the Payee for Company 1, which will be subtotalled by category. Then repeat for each additional company.

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