Income and Expense Comparison by Category

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I'm able to use this report to compare my net income year-to-date with the same period last year.

Is there not a report that would allow me to compare current with the same period in the last 5 previous years?

Why does this report not offer a graph option?



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    why not? because it is not the way the program operates! I don't mean to be sarcastic, but the issue with 'reporting' is everyone has different needs and wants and there could be thousands of requests for a variety of reports.

    You could always download the report into Excel, then run anoth report from 5 years ago, download that and create the report in Excel with these two files :-)

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    You can customize the report to show 12 months annual comparisons for as many years of data that you have in your data file. I just set one up for CY2016-CY2022 and it shows CY2016/CY2017, CY2017/CY2018, CY2018/CY2019, CY2019/CY2020 and CY2020/CY2021. If this is what you want you can customize the report to select Custom Dates

    But I did not find a way to compare each of the preceding 4 years to CY2021. It appears that the reports should be able to be customized to do that but as is shown in this picture, the report is very faulty.:

    It might be that, as @Mark1104 suggested, at least for now you will need to export the data into Excel and work with it there to get this type of report and the graphs that you would like to see.

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R55.15 on Windows 11)

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