Since update some brokerage accounts always collapse "By Type" view (Q Mac)

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I'm not sure if this is a bug in the latest release or if I inadvertently changed something that is causing this. After updating to QM Deluxe v7.0.0, all my brokerage accounts that were set to view "By Type" switched to display to "By Security". When I switch them back to "By Security" it shows a collapsed view, which is fine. However, now after opening up the collapsed view it doesn't stick for some but not all of my accounts! Every time I go back to the account it is collapsed again. This never happened to me before. Is it a bug or did I change some preference by mistake?


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    Since there are no other reports from other users with this issue, this must be a rare problem. However, there was no change for me with the latest 7.0.1 update so I called tech support. He looked at the problem and confirmed it is a bug and sent a report to the developer team. I hope it gets fixed. If anyone else does see this please report.

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    I am having the same problem. It only affects one account. When I move from account it is always collapsed when I return to it. Other accounts remain in state I left them, either non-collapsed or collapsed.
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    This is a known bug which we've been told should be fixed in an update in the fairly near future.

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    I have the reverse issue, my securities are all expanded, I manually collapse them, click away, click back and all expanded again.
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    7.0.3 is out now, this appears to be fixed.

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