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Running Windows 10. One of my investments is with Oakmark Units Financial Reasury Solutions fund. I've been running Quicken for many years. I was entering reinvestment dividends this morning for the first quarter '23. I entered the first 3 months in a row, entering dividend and shares purchased (they're the same- the fund trades at $1). Then I noticed that the share balance had gone from about $55K to the amount of the first distribution * 2! Distribution: $179. Share balance went from 55,000 to 358! I erased and re-entered. No fix. The second month reinvestment would be added to the 358. Let's say it was $100. Now share balance is 458. I checked file integrity; all was fine. I wound up just altering the share balance but now I can't trust this. Only this one investment and out of the blue after years of no problem. I'm not downloading the transactions- this is all manually done, so it's something inside Quicken itself. HELP! Thanks.


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    Check to see if there is a hidden Placeholder that is messing up your share balance. Go to Edit > Preferences > Investing and make sure the Show hidden transactions box is checked.

    If there is a recent Placeholder that you did not create, you should be able to delete it.

    If that's not it, click on Holdings in the account and change the As of date to see when the error first occurs. Look for a transaction on that date and fix or delete and re-enter it.

    Always back up your data file before changing historical transactions.

    Please let us know what you find!

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