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All my EWC accounts stopped downloading this morning. So I signed out of my data file completely and then sign back in. I was told by a repersentative that in doing so, it will refresh the registration token for your Online Connected Services. So my question is what is the token and why do i need to refresh it so often since the EWC accounts stop downloading on a routine basis?


  • splasher
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    The token is a piece of information that the aggregation server service (Intuit) exchanges with the financial institution to identify the account that information is to be downloaded from. Evidently, the security protocols set up require the token to "die" every so often and need to be renewed.

    So far, there is not a "for sure" message or error code that tells the user that it needs to be renewed.

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  • dnelson
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    Its random. Suddenly my EWC accounts stop downloading. Then logging in and out of the data file starts those account downloading again immediatly. Quicken or Intuit has to be doing something in the backround to cause this. Also when this happens the EWC accounts do not show in the Update Summary it's just the 2 accounts that do not connect with EWC.

  • bobbyrab
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    This is almost a daily occurance with me as well. I have to log out of my account and log back in so I can download the activity from Bank of America and Ally Bank. Something is interferring with the registration token. Please Quicken, do something to fix this!

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