BUG: Quicken Payroll entry creating uncategorized transactions

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Quicken Payrol is creating uncatefgorized transactions. This bug ( Definitely bug) started showing up recently. There are other threads on the same.The provioded screenshot is actually payroll transactioon when I press Ctrl+Shift+S, but here is the issue. When I press ctrl+Shift+S on payroll transaction shown as Uncategorized, basically payroll entries are all duplicated and a negative transaction is added at the end without cxategory to negate the duplicated entries, When I justr see the payroill transaction ( without prerssing ctrl+shift +S) , i dont see the duplicate..

Please :

  • Fix this bug so that new entries dont show up
  • Provide a fix to correct old entries


  • agarkhed
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    Further to this the transfer to 401k accoyunt is also duplicated and is showing incorrect balances. It is a real shame that Quicken released software with such a basic defect. I hope this basic defect is fixed on priority and work around is provided in a day or two till it is fixed

  • MontanaKarl
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    Could you provide a link to this "Quicken Payroll" product? As far as I know, there is no payroll service provided by Quicken Inc… in which case you should raise your issue with whoever is providing your payroll service.

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  • agarkhed
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    It is not payroll product. It is when I enter paycheck entry
  • agarkhed
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    This is in quicken premier
  • Lori R.
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    It appears to be related to the 401(k) transfer. The category field is blank. I'm having the same issue with other bills that include a transfer in the split transaction.