I currently use Quicken 2013. Am I able to upgrade?

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I currently use uicken 2013. Am I able to upgrade?


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    Why do you want to upgrade Quicken 2013?

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    @uno1929 - In short, yes, you can upgrade from 2013 to Subscription.

    With 2013 you must manually enter all your accounts transactions. With Subscription you will still be able to manually enter them but you will also be able to download them from your financial institutions (assuming your financial institutions support Quicken).

    If you are not planning to use the online features of Subscription (like downloading transactions) then you might be better off staying with 2013. Most of the feature improvements from 2013 to Subscription are related to various online services.

    Also, once you upgrade to Subscription the subscription will be valid for 12 months. After that you will need to renew the subscription for another 12 months. If you do not renew the subscription you will be able to continue using Quicken on a manual basis (except for Starter which will become read-only) but about 20%-25% of the Quicken screen will be taken up by a banner reminding you to renew your subscription. That banner cannot be removed except by renewing the subscription.

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