When creating a budget for next year allow for Inflation adjustment of budget amounts (Q Windows)

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This Idea is based on the original discussion by @WilBV and an Idea post for Quicken Mac.

The same enhancement should be made for Quicken for Windows, both US and Canadian versions.

What's needed is a method to extend a budget into next year and adjusting all or selected budget categories by a percentage for inflation or deflation.

For example, in Quicken for Windows, when starting the new year's budget one gets prompted:

What if there were an additional selection item like this?

  • Inflation/Deflation Adjustment:
    Copy 20xx budget categories and budget values to 20yy
    and adjust by [+/-] [xxx.xx] percent
    for example: [+] [5] percent

When this option is selected, another list of budget categories pops up where one can select all / exclude all / select multiple categories. The adjustment is applied only to selected categories.

Comments and votes, please!

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  • NotACPA
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    I don't use Q's Budget function, but this idea makes sense to me.

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  • Snowman
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    While the idea seems good at first the more I think about it I believe it would be a poor replacement for a user just looking at their budgets vs the actual expenses and adjusting as needed. Also the budget module as it exists in Quicken today is a very fragile thing and to try and add this may lead to more issues than it solves. It is a good thought though.

  • Qkn Junkie
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    From your example I think I discovered the way to create at budget from last year's actuals. THANK YOU!!!