Quicken 2007 for Mac Import Failure

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I'm trying to import my wife's Quicken 2007 files into the 2017 Quicken. The file conversion instructions are simple to follow, but I always get an error message at the end when the clould conversion process is complete and file transfer is to begin. This happens whether mobile options are used or not, and whether the Mac running the conversion is Mojave or Ventura. Previous discussion boards imply this should work (and did for my files in a prior year.) If the capability has been turned off, then Quicken should change the import and online help instructions. If not, then there is a technical error on their side.


  • jacobs
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    What is the error you're receiving? You can post a screenshot of the dialog.

    There's been no menton from the Quicken Mac team of any change in the conversion. In the past, the conversion server has once or twice gotten into a state where conversions were not going through, so it's possible it needs to be restarted.

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