Is it possible to get a "45 Day" option for Bill and Income Reminders viewing...

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For Bill and Income Reminders - the drop down for Show goes from 30 to 90… I find myself many times in the middle of a month and looking ahead to the next month where the 30 days will not cover the whole month - and have to switch to 90. It would be nice to have a 45 Day view to cover just the next month in this instance. Thanks for your thoughts and consideration.

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    You can submit this as a New Idea. New Ideas are posted so other users can view and vote on them. The Quicken Team does review what is posted there and will take them into consideration for possible inclusion in their Product Development Plan. Not all New Ideas submitted end up being added to their PDP but the more votes that a New Idea gets the more likely that the idea will at some time be added to their PDP.

    I personally like this idea but instead of adding a fixed 45-days option why not eliminate all of the fixed options and replace them with a variable field so the user can enter whatever number of days they want?

    To submit a New Idea: Click on any of the Quick Links in this Community. Then click on +New Post and then on New Idea. After entering the details of the New Idea be sure to vote for it and bookmark it as shown in the following New Idea example picture.:

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