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My bank was bought by another bank and it screwed up my accounts in Quicken. I want to wipe all the accounts out and start anew. How do I do it?


  • JanJan60
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    When I printed my summary for our accountant, dates were all mixed up and I came out with three very different summaries. My accountant said I need to put it on one. How do I get rid of all the old accounts and start brand new?

  • Tom Young
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    One approach would be to simply start over with a new Quicken file. File > New Quicken File… That would start you with a completely clean slate.

    It's not at all clear why having your bank bought by a different bank would screw up your Accounts in Quicken. When this happens you typically have a couple of different options as to how to hadle the situation.

    The first approach would be to create a new "manual" (non-downloading) Account for the new bank, transfer the cash from the old Account to the new Account, then enable the new Account for downloading. Of course you need to inspect carefully that 1st download from the new bank - not just let them willy-nilly into the new Account's register - so that your "starting" numbers are accurate and there's no duplication of transactions.

    The second approach that's frequently avaiable is to disconnect the old Account from downloading, delete all the old bank's information on the General tab, and then enable downloading from the new bank, again being careful to inspect the 1st download.

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