How do I keep Quicken from logging in?

Rev. 48.15 Win 10

After getting the latest update, every time I open one of the files, Quicken tries to force me to log in. In the previous version a login pop-up would display but I could always click the X and bypass the logon. This new version does not give an option to bypass. I have always (and will continue to) run Quicken off-line. I do not want to sync to the cloud or download any transactions from financial institutions. How can I bypass the login or, better yet, keep Quicken from Quicken from trying to log in at all?



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    If you do not want Quicken to access the Internet to sync with your Cloud Account and your account, then you should disable your Internet connection when you want to use Quicken. If there is an active Internet connect Quicken will sign in and if for some reason it cannot it will require you to manually do that.

    BTW, the amount of information that is sync'd with your Cloud Account is pretty minimal, such as validation of the license of your installation, your subscription status, which edition you are subscribed to and the version of Quicken you are running. The significant financial data required for Quicken Mobile and Quicken on the Web is not uploaded unless you have set your Quicken Mobile and Quicken on the Web Sync to ON.

    Some have reported that they were able to stop the constant login prompts by going to Edit > Preferences > Quicken ID and Cloud Account > Sign in as a different user > Yes > Sign Out > when prompted, sign in again using your current Quicken ID and PW.

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    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R54.16 on Windows 11)

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    Thanks for the response. Disabling the PC's internet connection is not practical because I am on the internet doing other things at the same time I'm using Quicken.

    Everything was fine until I reinstalled R48.15 the other day. After the reinstall, the full page logon prompt appeared which I assumed was necessary in order to complete the activation of the reload, so I did. As soon as it was done with all the activation stuff, it started "updating" or "downloading" or "syncing" (don't remember exactly, but I was in panic mode trying to shut down the sync before "Big Brother" got all my data (as I thought in the heat of the moment). Online sync seems to be the default setting for new installs (not good). It should take a positive action on the part of the user in order to start syncing.

    I tried the "Sign in as a different user" thing to log out, but the next time I launched Quicken or switched to a different file, it doesn't play nice and bullies me into logging in again or it won't let me play.

    There needs to be a way to abort the logon easily so I can work off-line. If my local Quicken thinks its subscription has expired, then I have no problem signing in so it can "phone home" and catch up on the latest and greatest. When it's done, I should be able to log off and run offline for another year.

    Thank you.
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