How can I prevent an old 401(k) account from showing up in my transfer categories?

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I had a 401(k) account set up in Quicken for a very short period of time, but I could never get it to work correctly so I deleted the 401(k) from my accounts, but it still shows up in my transfer categories. When I go to Manage Categories, I see it there, but I can't delete or hide it. How do I completely delete it so it no longer shows up as an option in transfer categories?



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    Are there any old transactions that would have been transfers into that account? They might say "deleted account" in the category now, but you could see if changing them to a non-transfer category will/would help.

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    Thanks for the response.

    There were transfers into the account. I added it to quicken and then tried to import a Quicken file that I downloaded from my retirement plan services website, but it wasn't importing properly and I got frustrated and just deleted the account in Quicken, however it still shows up in my category list. In the screenshot below it shows that I've never used it, but the "Hide" box is disabled, so I can't just hide it. I tried adding an account with the same name that I used for the 401(k), but I got an error saying I can't use that name because it already exists. It's not a huge deal, and I can ignore it, but I just like to keep things orderly and don't like to see things that aren't necessary in my drop-down lists. 😏

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    I would try to make a transfer to that account so that it did get transaction recorded in it. Perhaps then you can do something normal to the account, like change its name. You might try validating the file at that point.

    Once you see it behaving as a normal account, you could then delete the added transaction, and then perhaps get the account properly deleted (or at least hidden).

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