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I've been sucessfully downloading from ALLY for years. I can still download my transactions from all credit cards. I had a problem in February downloading from Ally. Got a message that I need to contact Ally. It somehow resolved itself. Sometime last week transactions stopped downloading from my 4 Ally accounts. I have reset the accounts. I have also activated and reactivated the accounts. Nothing works. Strange too that when I try to reactivate, I have to do it twice. The first time I go through the process, get the SMS code on my phone, Quicken finds the other 3 Ally accounts, but not the one I deactivated. The second time I try to reactivate, get the SMS code on my phone, Quicken finds all 4 accounts and gives me the option to link to the existing account for the account I deactivated. I finish the process, the account is reactivated, but the account still does not update. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?


  • Patrick Hasenjager
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    I had the same issue with a single account at Ally this morning. I deactivated that one account, ran a Validate on my file, then reconnected and it started working properly again. Deactivate/Reactivate alone did not resolve it for me either until I added the validation step. Not sure if that was coincidence or not.

    I should say, I was a getting a CC-800 (the account was deleted) message prior to the above steps.

  • eschumacher13
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    I was not getting an error message. It is as if the Ally accounts do not exist.

    I ran the validate and repair. It repaired one account. No action required. It said no read errors. It corrected a problem with an erroneous repeating model. However, the update summary still does not show that the Ally accounts were updated. Let me know if you have anymore suggestion! Thanks. Liz

  • eschumacher13
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    Updated status: Although the "One Step Update Summary" does not list the Ally accounts as financial institutions that were updated, the transactions are downloading in Quicken. Maybe the validate & repair did work….

  • kelnos
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    I am now getting the CC-508 "popup" error that was reported back in February here

  • Redeye
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    I'm getting the CC-508 message on Ally Bank as well. These downloads worked for years and now they don't. Last week it was Wells Fargo, this week it is Ally Bank. I haven't reported it to Quicken because that is normally worthless. The community/users know more about the product.

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