Ally Bank with 2FA and then CC-508 ? (edit)

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Ally worked fine connecting EWC forever. This afternoon asked for a 2FA authorization code and sends to my phone. I enter, OSU completes and Ally (2 accounts) show CC-508. Says a popup or message must be dealt with at the Ally website. There is nothing. Ally support knows nothing about the issue.

I go to my test account which has never had an Ally account and try to add, endless loop of trying to enter id, login, codes which go right back to entering login, id, etc and a small note CC-508.

So not MY quicken file and also in a new account in a Test File.

Anyone else? Nowhere on Ally I can find to authorize 3rd party access. Should have been when trying to establish a new connection.

NOTHING in the CC-508 FAQ pertains to this one nor fixes anything here.

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  • phiggins
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    I'm seeing similar behavior with Ally Bank and Quicken for Windows R47.15.
  • Ps56k2
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    edited February 23
    yup - same here - failed with the ALLY Bank - CC-508 -
    last good download was yesterday Feb 21 - today is Feb 22.
    tried the "Update Now" and was prompted for the 2FA -
    received code, entered code - then shows complete and error CC-508....
    Also - updated topic title to better reflect the actual problem scenario
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  • Bob.
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    Thanks folks. Always "some" relief knowing its not just me. Still broken this morning.
  • K9Capers
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    same here
  • RedFury
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    I have the same problem. Windows R47.15
    Prompted for 2FA, entered, then error code CC-508
  • Toddrg
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    Same here
  • mrgumdrop
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    same here
  • senequier
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    Same problem here too! Another Quicken problem. It never stops!
  • DisplacedHoosier
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    Same here.  Geesh...  It's always something with Quicken.  Not sure why I put up with this!
  • Reed M
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    Same here. I have had many issues with Quicken over the last year.
  • Owen B
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    Same issue for me.
  • Chris Wall
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    Same here - Quicken for Windows / First Penfed now Ally..
  • Just starting having this issue on 2/22/23 as well. Tried to do a reset which resulted in an endless loop where I keep getting request for login info and 2FA code back and forth.
  • M_B
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    same here.
  • Quicken Jared
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    Hello everyone, 

    I am sorry to hear that you are being affected by these issues with online banking services. Thank you for reaching out about this here on the Quicken Community. 

    I recommend submitting program log files by navigating to Help > Report a problem in the upper menu at the top of the screen. You may then include a brief description of the issue as well as any available screenshots you may have along with the data logs. Although we will investigate this issue further, we do not have an ETA on a resolution, and you will not receive a response through these submissions, as these are used purely for investigative purposes.

    Feel free to reach out with any other questions or concerns.

    Thank you,

    Quicken Jared

  • Hello!

    I have several accounts at Ally Bank that connect via Express Web Connect which normally work without problems in Quicken for Windows. As of sometime yesterday (2/22/23), it's been asking me to do a 2FA via SMS text which I complete, but then it comes back with a CC-508 error advising I need to log into the Ally website and clear any prompts, etc. I did that but cannot find any prompts, dialogs, etc., that need me to accept or clear at all. There is a FIX IT button on the Update screen, but that just takes me to the Ally website also, and doesn't provide any extra help.

    I have not gone through the step of deleting and re-adding the Ally account in Quicken, but wanted to check first to avoid any issues that might cause.

    Any ideas on what I need to be clearing on the Ally website? It's been a long enough time since I had to touch the connection for Ally that I don't remember anything like this in the past (but I just might have forgotten at this point).

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  • Dan
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    submitted "Report a problem"
  • Dan
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    Quicken suggested Help-Report a Problem so they have more info for investigation.
  • > @Dan said:
    > Quicken suggested Help-Report a Problem so they have more info for investigation.

    Thanks! I did a quick search and somehow managed to miss that entirely.
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  • Just submitted "report a problem" with logs.
  • Bob.
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    Already done before I started the (EDITED) topic. But why not kick this up the food chain so we do not have to do the problem finding and reporting and solving for Quicken? Add the AT&T issue to it as well. And the other Online Billers that are lonmg time broken.

    Frustrating. Have not had all billers workin g in what, a year and half?

    Here in good faith to see if it was me or more with the issue so I knew were to pursue (which was in the title of the pre-edited topic). With all the "same here's" I think Quicken should be bugging Tier 3, not getting everyone to share their logs and take more time with this issue. Just my opinion. And end of mini rant....
  • Same issue here as of sometime on 2/22/23. Report a problem report filed.
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  • slkaplan
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    Same here...Last successful download 2/2/23 8:41AM est
  • I suggest not to do a "reset" as it will not reconnect due to this issue of asking for 2FA each time. I tried but had to restore a backup since the Ally Bank connection was lost after reset.
  • Bob.
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    I suggest not to do a "reset" as it will not reconnect due to this issue of asking for 2FA each time. I tried but had to restore a backup since the Ally Bank connection was lost after reset.

    That's a good point, Gary. Tried the same and could not recpnnect at all so also restored a backup.
  • Bob.
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    edited February 23
    Dan said:

    Quicken suggested Help-Report a Problem so they have more info for investigation.

    In this case we all have the identical problem so I personally doubt our logs would show anything different. Its systemic whether the Quicken Server, Aggregator or Ally server error. I spent over an hour with Ally last night when I thought it might only be me coincidental with a transfer made yesterday afternoon. They do not believe it is them. With Quicken not handling 2FA with AT&T (and maybe others) I think they are likely right. So Aggregator or Quicken.
    Appreciate all confirming the issue is widespread.
  • rsnipper
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    I have same problem. Just noted that when I log into Ally from the browser there is a popup message saying that "We're taking a time out for tech maintenance this Saturday, starting at 2:30 AM ET. Some online services, like real-time transaction and account info won’t be available. Everything should be back up and running by 6 AM ET." It isn't obvious, but it is there and needs to be dismissed. Perhaps that is the pop-up the CC-508 is referring to. Unfortunately, the pop-up reappears each time you log into Ally, even if you read it, dismiss, and log-off. So we may have to wait until after the Saturday update.
  • aurocapilla
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    Same issue here.
  • racer0692
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    Having the same issue as well.
    Been having more issues with quicken lately.