Ally Bank with 2FA and then CC-508 ? (edit)



  • Lee64
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    I called Ally more than once and was finally told there is no way around a text code confirmation to link Quicken to Ally. I have 15 other financial account where I can get confirmation codes by email or voice call, so I shall be closing this account. This problem started when Ally had login problems so I had to re-establish the Quicken link
  • Ps56k2
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    I only needed the 2FA text one time - during the bank Auth setup…

    nothing prompted since then on any of our Quicken accounts

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  • tcolyer
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    I'm closing my Ally accounts too. I have an international cell number that Ally refuses to text to. It is accepted by all sorts of other reputable US financial services companies and banks but not Ally Bank. Whether it's Quicken's doing or Ally's doing, I am given no alternative to receiving the 2FA by text in Quicken. If Ally would call my number like others do, the problem would be solved. This is caused by an unbelievably arrogant Ally IT department. I spoke with them and that was clear immediately. They know everything and the rest of us are just stupid. Goodbye Ally.
  • Mark1104
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    @tcolyer - it could simply be Ally's risk management approach - and not the IT department - is the source of the issue. I am just speculating, but I could see a bank that is quite domestically focused would take pause to calls or customers that have a non-US phone number as their primary contact number. Larger banks have a large base of non-US based customers - and conduct business outside the US - so those may have a different approach.

  • kelnos
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    I am now, on 4/19/23, now having the same issue that was reported on 2/22/23. Everything was fine yesterday, now I'm keep getting the CC-508 error.

  • MeToo
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    Same here. Same CC-508 issue starting today. I went to the Ally site and logged in without seeing anything unusual and then tried again to connect from Quicken. I was asked to choose where I wanted a security code to be sent, I selected my cell, got the code successfully on my cell and then entered it in Quicken. The code was accepted and Quicken started "downloading transactions" but then failed and posted the CC-508 error. The last successful transactions download was yesterday (4/18/2023) at 4:08pm.
  • PDijkstra
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    Same issue here: worked yesterday, dows not work today. What I think is happening is that when Quicken tries to log in it gets prompted for where to send the security code, the code is sent & received and is typed in BUT the website is likely asking whether to recognize Quicken as a trusted device (so it no longer has to prompt for a code). At least that is my guess as when I logged in manually those were the steps I had to take (including verifying that this was a trusted device). Until Quicken can answer that propmt in the affirmitive then I fear that this is not going to work.

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