April 2023 Stock Price Updates

As of April 16, all of my daily stock prices for open trading days are the same as the values of April 06. It is hard to see what I might be doing wrong to not be getting accurate updates, Or any actual updates at all. The app says that prices were downloaded successfully. Has Quicken dropped daily accurate figures? That would probably sink my desire to use Quicken at all.

Curiously, I used the web site www.historicalstockprice.com/ to look up the daily prices of one stock. Had nothing to do with Quicken in this look up. Then I tried the Quicken OneStepUpdate again. For that one and only stock, the daily prices corrected for that one stock. All the rest had April 06 values. Go Figure.

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  • Jim_Harman
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    There are a couple of possibilities here. Quicken displays and uses the most recent price it has for each security. Quotes can be downloaded from Quicken's quote provider or from your financial institution (FI). The quote provider only has prices for publicly traded securities.

    The quote provider quotes are sent when you do an Update Quotes or when you do a one Step Update with the Download quotes box checked. The FI quotes are (usually) sent when you download transactions from the FI.

    Either of theses sources might be sending out of date information.

    If you go to an Investing > Portfolio view or click on Holdings when viewing an investing account, and a price has not been downloaded for today, there will be a little clock icon next to the price. If you hover over the icon, the date of the last update is shown in a popup.

    Do your out of date quotes show April 6, or are they more recent?

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    The clocks all say April 14, but the data is all April 06
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