Quicken Application: Option to "Recommend Quicken Improvement"

Black Knight
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Help Menu addition:
• Below “Report a Problem” line:
• Insert “Recommend an Improvement”
• Click to open a window to describe recommendation
• Include option to request updates on action taken
• Include option for clarification querstions by email or phone

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  • jacobs
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    It's not a bad idea, but I don't think Quicken has the staff to sift through, clarify, categorize and document thousands of such requests. Many improvement ideas will be similar, and someone has to get to the root, as well as the nuances and details, to determine if it's already something on their development list, and add-on to an existing planned feature, something in their pile of enhancements under consideration, something they've previously considered and decided against, etc. Ideas that get advanced to the development team then need analysis, sometimes extensive, to estimate the amount of work required for implementation, in order for product management to make decisions about what to prioritize and what to put on hold or reject.

    The Product Ideas sections of this forum are intended to serve a similar purpose. But because it's in a public forum, it allows others to vote for and add comments to ideas, so they can more easily identify topics which have a lot of traction with Quicken users.

    I agree that being able to quickly submit an idea from within the program would be easier for users. But I doubt it would be workable for Quicken. Just my 2¢…

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  • Liamc1221

    It be great to bring back line item totals on a future update. At the bottom of an account ledger where it says Select / Current Balance / Ending Balance, in my old 2017 Quicken, it use to provide a total dollar amount for the line items I selected with "Select $1200" for example, like Excel. It would help so I don't have to use a calculator.