Discover credit card transaction downloads stopped working April 2023


Quicken Deluxe / Windows / R48.15

What is causing the transaction download issue?

My Discover credit card account has been active for many years. As of April-2023, "update transactions" is not downloading transactions. When I "update transactions", the "Online Balance" is updated, but new transactions are NOT being downloaded.

I have deactivated, reset and re-activated the Discover credit card account several times. It didn't help.

If I create a new account in Quicken for my Discover credit card, all transactions are downloaded. If I "move" the missing transactions to the original account, the information in these register fields is lost.

"Downloaded posting date"
"Downloaded ID"
"Downloaded payee"
"Downloaded amount"

These fields seem to be always blank for all accounts.
"Downloaded memo"
"Downloaded reference"

Transaction downloads are working for other credit card and bank accounts.

This link appears in a Google search "RESOLVED 4/7/23 Fidelity Not Downloading Transactions", but appears to be unaccessable. The link does not appear in the Quicken search. How the "RESOLVED 4/7/23..." issue resolved? Why isn't this post accessible?


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