Making corrections after print preview of reports

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I've found with reconciliation reports (maybe others as well, but I haven't checked) that if I use print preview and realize that the printer setup needs to be changed (e.g., orientation, duplex, etc.) there's no way to go back to my print screen. I have to go back to the menu, select the appropriate report and start all over. Am I missing something? Is there a better way to do this? And if not, why not? 😁


  • Tom Young
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    In Quicken's "Print" window there is a "Preview" pane , but all you can do with that pane is click on the thumbnail of the report to make it larger, and there's a "Close" button you can click on in the resulting "Zoom Into Preview" that takes you right back to the Print window, so I assume you're to referring to that.

    Print Preview" is typically a setting that's provided by the printer driver, not Quicken, and I use that feature frequently. But 'if I don't like what I see there I simply close the Print Preview window and I'm back into Quicken Print window where I can make changes. That doesn't work for you?

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