Introduce a Quicken Premium Subscription Integrating a High-end Retirement Planner (edited)

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I'm willing to pay $300 for Quicken if....…it had a version that is very much like eMoney or competitor. All financial planners use eMoney or something similar. Be great if a version of Quicken had these high end calculations built in (social security benefits, Monte Carlo graphs, etc.). Quicken already has all my financial info in it so there is a natural link to retirement/estate/cash flow planning which would be powerful for users who know how to use these tools.

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    @Jimhurley Interesting thought. So, if Quicken offered another subscription product level to it current portfolio (image) to include a more robust retirement planning feature, you would be willing to pay substantially more. The additonal subscription revenue would fund the additional effort to bring to market, maintain and improve upon a retirement planner.

    It would be interesting to guess a price point that the market would support. $11.99 - $13.99 per month perhaps, given the price points of a few other competative (to Quicken) planning products? Certainly, Quicken, as a whole, has a much richer feature set than strictly the planning tools I am thinking of….so perhaps more.

    A "Quicken Ultimate" subscription level….To bring it all together in a modern, highly functional planning tool :) for Quicken and perhaps also Simplifi users? For sure an idea with lots to unpack.

    Have you had a look at Quicken's Lifetime Planner?

    This is Quicken's own retirement planner and is somewhat integrated with Quicken's other account features. While I would not consider Quicken's Lifetime Planner feature "high end", as compared to software commonly used by planners (like eMoney), but for a deterministic planning model, it is pretty comprehensive. I also use a professional planning tool (not eMoney) et al.

    Today's LTP could be much better with more modern and updated feature sets. Though, at a basic hygiene level, it suffers from a lack of maintanence, such as keeping its own model up to date with tax law and fixing various bugs / poor design.

    Here is a currated thread of proposed ideas for Lifetime Planner. IMV, they serve as a basis for an upgraded, premium planning tool. Have a look.

    Perhaps we can make an edit to your title to make the idea more descriptive - about an upgraded Quicken subscription offering for advanced financial planning?

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    @Jimhurley I agree. I've been looking for a good monte carlo simulator for amateurs - the Pro packages won't sell to you unless you are a CFP. And I can't find any third party packages that do this (does anybody know some?). I'm trying to start modeling some retirement options and the options are either too basic, or I have to give them my entire life story. If I have to do the latter, like you, Quicken already has that!