How to annotate removing an excess IRA contribution in Quicken?

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The problem I have is that this tax year I contributed too much to my ROTH IRA and thus had to remove the excess contribution from my ROTH IRA. The brokerage company basically REMOVED enough shares from my ROTH account and ADDED the shares to my regular brokerage account. There is no price paid or cost provided with transaction (at least yet). The brokerage did provide the following comment " JOURNAL SEC BETWEEN ACCTJOURNAL SEC BETWEEN ACCT". Dont know what it means but appears just to be a journal action to capture the transaction between accounts. How do I record this transaction correctly? Greatly appreciate the help.


  • Tom Young
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    Since you don't report Roth IRA contributions on your income tax return and assuming that this error was corrected the due date for filing your income tax return, then a simple "Transfer Shares Between Accounts" action should be all you have to do.

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