Investing Activity Report Last Year-Change Mkt Value vs Portfolio View 12 Month Gain Loss

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I need some help understanding difference between the Investing Activity Report Change in Market Value vs the 12 month gain/loss total in the Portfolio View.

Here is my situation:

  • I am doing analysis of last year (2022)
  • I have my Investing Activity Report set to ALL SECURITIES and all my investment accounts (IRA and regular). That gives me a Change in Market Value (unrealized) of one big negative number, let's say for this -$961 dollars. I have report set for Last Year. Everything on report makes sense. Dividends match my dividends reports, ending value matches the Portfolio view "Market Value" column.
  • I then go into Portfolio View where I have a view I've made called Annual Performance Review. I've set the As of Date to 12/31/22. In customization I set the accounts to same accounts as I use in above report, also select all securities. AS noted I know I have things set correctly because the Market Value as of 12/31/22 in this view matches the Ending Value in the Investing Activity Report above.

    However, in the Portfio View the Gain/Loss 12 Months only shows -$640 as my loss for the year. This does not match the -$961 shown in the Investing Activity Report for Change in Market Value. Shouldn't these numbers be the same?
  • WHen I drill down into the Investment Activity Report Change in Market Value and then sub total returns by Security (still using the Last Year as my period) the difference between begin value and end value equals the Amount Return One Year in the Portfolio View and the Average Annual Return % for the several sample securities I checked matches the Portfolio Review Return 1 year % column.
  • I played around with Include Closed Positions in the Portfolio Review but doesn't seem to make a difference.

Obviously I'm missing something about these two different views of last year's numbers.

My goal is to get to a Portfolio View where the year's gains/losses on market value of the securities matches the Investing Activity Change in Market Value. Unfortunately there is not a good, or even close, Report that gives me the granularity of performance data I get through the Portfolio View or the flexibility of key variables on performance.


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