What happened to the attachments for transactions? They're suddenly awful!



  • KristenC
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    Here is the "solution" I've come to with this ... It's certainly not ideal, but doable ... for now.

    I restarted my Quicken file (and have entered every single transaction from 12/1/22 thru present) in a new file - what a pain in the ****! I am not attaching receipts to the transactions - in an attempt to keep the size of the file down. I am, however, scanning and saving each receipt individually on my local computer (and backing them up to my local file server) - naming them in such a way that I can quickly find them if needed. And, I'm running the validate and fix file process after every time I access the file - then backing it up. It's ridiculous that it's come to this, but I'm stuck for the time being.

    I'd be interested to hear if anyone is able to successfully roll back their file to a previous version ... but, this, at best, seems to be only a temporary fix. Or if anyone has any insight as to the potential correlation with the Neat scanners in this issue. But, I'm tired of fighting with my old corrupt file. Quicken needs to do better if they wish to keep their subscribers. I am actively looking for alternatives.
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