Import MS Money file to laptop...not loaded with MS Money


I have a new laptop and want to import my recently used MS Money Data File to Quicken. Message says MS Money must be laoded on laptop to import.

I don't want nor can I put MS Money on my new laptop?

Best way to handle? Will quicken let me load software on two devices w/o paying twice (just bought monthly subscription today)? My old laptop won't be running it ….just long enough to get a file uploaded/imported to quicken and then move to new laptop?

OR is there a workaround on Quicken to let me import it w/o having the actual MS Money.exe file on my new laptop.

Thanks in advance.


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    Why are you concerned about installing MS Money on your new laptop? You only need to keep it installed until your MS Money file is converted to Quicken. Once the file is converted you can uninstall MS Money. You can read up on the conversion process and download MS Money from the following Support Article: .

    In answer to your other question: Your Quicken subscription allows you to download and install Quicken on other computers at no additional cost. So that would be another option….download/install Quicken on the old computer, do the conversion there and then transfer your Quicken data file to the new computer. I just think it would be simpler and easier to install MS Money on the new computer and do the conversion to Quicken there since you will not need to then transfer the Quicken data file. But it is your choice to make.

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R55.15 on Windows 11)

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