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Please provide update on Robinhood's Download Application. Been in contact with Robinhood and request has been made and advanced. Qucken members contact Robinhood to advance connection application request submission. I will upgrade my Quicken membership as soon as application is submitted, approved, and connection is made. Have a great day.


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    This is a users Community forum and other users are not going to be able to answer your question. The best answer to your question that you will get here is "Yes, they are supported" or "No, they are not supported."

    I can confirm that Robinhood is not currently supported.

    To get Robinhood added to the list of supported financial institutions Robinhood needs to first contract with Intuit (the aggregator) for that. Generally it takes a lot of customers requesting a financial insitution to add support for Quicken before that financial instititution will put it into their development plan because it represents a resources and financial commitment on their part to do that. The more customers who make the request the more likely it is that they will eventually be able to develop and approve the business case to proceed with it.

    Did Robinhood tell you that they have actually initiated the contract with Intuit? Or did they simply confirm they have received your request to add support for Quicken and forwarded it to the appropriate Robinhood group for consideration?

    If they have initiated that contract, then it is just a matter of time before it is completed. I certainly hope this is what they told you because there are quite a few Quicken users who would really benefit from that. Your best bet for getting the current status is to periodically check with Robinhood and to check your Quicken installation (assuming you have an active subscription) to see if you can add them as a connected account.

    You can also check here with Community and/or with Quicken Support ( ) but the best answer you will get is "Yes, they now support Quicken" or "No, they do not support Quicken". More information (like planned schedule/implementation, etc.) than that can not be provided because, quite frankly, no one will have access to more information than "Yes" or "No".

    If Robinhood simply told you they have received your request to add support for Quicken and that your request has been forwarded to the appropriate Robinhood group, then that is not a statement that they have already contracted with Intuit nor even that they plan to do that. They are simply saying "We hear you."

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