Transfer gets automatically changed to Adjustment (Q Mac)

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There are some transactions that I assign to a Transfer category, and they are automatically changed to the Adjustment category in the register. Other similar transactions remain as Transfers, as I categorized them. Why would a transfer get changed to an adjustment?


  • MontanaKarl
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    We've been told that transfers to categories are a deprecated feature that will be going away sometime in the indefinite future and to avoid them. Transfers between accounts should work fine for you. Simply entering "Transfer" with no account is really the same as an Adjustment … it will just make the balance change, up or down. If those are automatically changed to Adjustment it might be something new to prepare for when entering just "Transfer" without an account won't be allowed.

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  • jacobs
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    Are these transactions using a Category that's just a generic "Transfer" — not a transfer to a specific account which looks like "Transfer:[account name]"? I can't think why those would be getting changed to adjustment, unless perhaps you have sync turned on and these transacitons are loading into your Quicken Cooud account before you enter them in your desktop file.

    Thsi issue @MontanaKarl refers to is regarding a Transfer to anpother Quicken account (in the Transfer column) which has also been assigned a category in the Category column. That loophole will be removed from the program at some point, according the the developers. But you didn't mention the Transfer column, so this may not pertain to your issue.

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  • janburch
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    Hi @MontanaKarl and @jacobs,
    Thank you for your replies. The transfers in question are to a bank account. In the category column I use Transfer:[bank acct], but that gets changed to Adjustment. I have many other transfers that are fine... this is a new behavior. I actually don't have access to that computer today, but I will examine the transactions more carefully later to see why they differ from other transfers.
    Thanks again. I will post more after I check it out further.
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