Is there any way to fully revert from the latest bills tab feature?


I've used the reminders for decades and finally thought I should try the new bills feature. It's been terrible. Several of my providers don't download properly. The others are useless and seem to come in later than everything else I get notified of via email.

However, the biggest issue is that the "Projected Balances" feature is completely wrong now. It is only showing income from paychecks that are setup and then bills only show up after I schedule them. I looked out 90 days on the projection and it's wildly optimistic about how much money will be in my checking account, but mainly because it's not showing that I need to pay any of my credit cards or utilities.

When I click on the option at the top to manage bills and income manually, it looks as if everything is defined there. Any ideas why "Projected Balances" is ignoring those entries to make itself completely useless?


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    I have also found that Quicken's Online Bills break the connection between Reminders and Projected Balances.

    The only solution I was able to find was to delete all the online billers and unlink any reminders from online bills. I don't remember for sure, but it may have been necessary to delete and re-create the affected reminders.

    I have since set all of my regular bills to pay automatically a few days before the due date, without any intervention from Quicken. I still have Reminders set up and I get email notifications when a new bill is available. When I receive the notification, I enter the Reminder with the correct amount and a payment date a few days before the actual payment date. Then when the payment tansaction downloads from the bank or credit card, it will match to the transaction that is already in the register.

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