Error CC-800: How do I consolidate two different USAA accounts in my password vault?


When I try to download my transactions from USAA, I get an error because my password vault is tracking two different logins for my account. One is my member # and the other is my email. Both are correct, but I get an error message on both saying extra accounts exist when I try to download all my transactions. How do I consolidate the two accounts when trying to download my transactions.



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    I don't understand. There can be only one login setup per account. How are you having two?

    Maybe you could go to Tools > Account List > check the box for "Show hidden accounts". Do you see duplicate account (it might show the name differently) for your account that is hidden?

    If so, backup your data file and while in Account List click on the Edit button for that hidden account and on the Online Services tab click on Deactivate.

    Then try running OSU to see if the error message has gone away.

    If it is resolved you might want to then consider deleting the hidden account. But first check to make sure there are no transfers to/from that account with other accounts in Quicken. If there are transfer transactions you'll want to get them resolved because it will likely mess up the register balances of the other linked accounts.

    Let me know if this resolved the issue for you.

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