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I have multiple paycheck entries with splits for breaking down taxes etc. Every so often those split transactions will reset to "Personal Income" and I have to reenter all the split information. I'm not sure when this is happening or why. I just discoverd that all my paycheck entries back to August of last year have been reset to "Personal Income"


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    Quicken Mac doesn't spontaneously edit past transactions, so I would suspect Quicken Cloud for pulling in your paycheck deposits and then overwriting the edited split transactions in your local file with the no-split deposit transaction from the Cloud. It shouldn't happen of course, but I've read too many reports of problems like this with Quicken Cloud to ever trust it.

    I would go to Settings > Mobile, Web & Alerts to see if Sync is set to Off. If not, set it to Off. Then go to Settings > Connected Services and click the Reset button under the Cloud Account heading. This will create a new Cloud file associated with your desktop file, but because Sync is off, it will not upload any of your transactions into the Cloud file. Any transaction downloads you do going forward should pick up your QuickFill rule for the paycheck deposit, if you have one, or should not overwrite your older transactions.

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    thanks! I'l give it a try.

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