Here's the impact of changing Quicken plans, with existing small business data!

I just went through a plan subscription plan change. Tech support gave me incorrect info. But now that I've done it, I thought others could benefit from what I have learnedu

In my case, I went from H&B (been using more than a decade) to Deluxe.
(We don't use online bill pay, and our finances are frankly more complex than can be nicely handled by Quicken reporting and downloads ;) )

My big questions:
* Is any financial transaction data lost or hidden (eg A/R, A/P, Invoice details, etc)
* Is it *impossible to see business information, or just the helpful built-in reports, invoicing etc?tion

(I was told: you'll lose the features, and you won't be able to view business reports, business invoices, or business transactions. That last one sounded incorrect (how could the Data Access guarantee work?) )

Here is the reality:
* UI gone:
- no more business tab, business bar on the main page
- no ability to view invoices *as an invoice form*
- no access to the "item list" or Sales tax jurisdiction list
- built-in business reports are gone
- registers do not show the business-trans-type column (INVC, PMT, etc)
- Invoice template editor is gone
* What remains:
- All transactions and details are there.
- Sales line items retain category and memo (description of item) and amount, AND the Schedule C tax data
- The Sales Tax categories remain
- Everything needed for me to construct A/R and A/P is there

All in all, I am pleased. The financials still balance as before!

SUGGESTIONS if you plan to change subscription levels:
* Do a good backup
* Save a copy of any report you find valuable. You can still create pretty much every report that was available before. (Possibly not all...)
* Do a screen grab of invoice-editor for your invoice template, and save a PDF sample of invoices or other important documents.


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    All of the GONE functions are Business functions. That's what you should have expected to be removed.

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