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My investment transactions have been getting categorized as "Bank charges" since October. I would like to recategorize them as something different as this category is blowing up my budget numbers. In Tools>Recategorize the transactions are not selectable. I get a message "to edit a security-based transaction, click the date and make changes in the transaction log". When I click the date, nothing happens. When I go to the individual transactions there is not entry for category. Its a large number of transactions and I would prefer to recategorize them in bulk but currently I have no options that I can find. Any help?


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    I can find no "Bank Charges" in the action list for an investment account.

    So, let's start with you doing TOOLS, Account List, clicking on EDIT adjacent to the account name and telling us what shows next to the "Account Type:" label.

    And if you could show us a picture one one of these txn, it would be helpful.

    Also, is this in a retirement type acct?

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